BuildMyBod Health to release eCommerce feature [video]

Share BuildMyBod Health, the price transparency platform that allows consumers to check pricing on healthcare services and generate leads for doctors will release a new eCommerce feature. By using the website at or the Price Estimator on an individual … Continue reading

BuildMyBod Founder Speaking at A4M Congress

ShareDr. Jonathan Kaplan, Founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health is speaking at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine 2017 Spring Congress. Not surprisingly, it’s Dr. Kaplan’s distinct honor to be a part of such a large meeting on the cutting edge of … Continue reading

BOTOX® or XEOMIN® for treatment of sweaty palms [video]

ShareExcessive sweating is a problem for many patients. This condition affects the armpits, soles and palms. In particular, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the palms can be very debilitating. Consider if you always had very sweaty palms – how many times … Continue reading

Postop garments

ShareAfter various cosmetic surgical procedures, your doctor may recommend postop garments. But what are they meant to accomplish and is it required. Not all surgeons agree. Regardless, if you have a breast augmentation, tummy tuck or liposuction, chances are you’ll … Continue reading

Breast Augmentation Revision [video]

ShareFor those of you considering breast augmentation, read this primer here. But for those who’ve already had that and are now considering a breast augmentation revision, continue reading!   What does a breast augmentation revision entail? A breast augmentation revision … Continue reading

Why board certification is the first of many questions to ask your doctor

ShareDoes your heart doctor or kidney doctor have appropriate board certification? This probably isn’t much of an issue. Reason being that you were referred to that doctor by your primary care doctor or the emergency room. And for those doctors … Continue reading

5 Unexpected Ways Snapchat Transformed My Practice

ShareMy practice began experimenting with Snapchat in September of 2016. While I wasn’t sure if it was a passing fad or not, I teamed up with Dr. Miami as an “influencer” within the plastic surgery space. Snapchat may eventually be … Continue reading

No drain tummy tuck [video]

ShareDuring a tummy tuck, your plastic surgeon will raise the abdominal skin off of the abdominal wall. This is done to “get some slack” on the excess skin in the process of removing it. Separating the excess skin from the … Continue reading

Pitfalls of breast aug wish pics!

ShareIt’s a totally reasonable thing to do. Patients, when going in to see their plastic surgeon, bring “wish pics.” That is, a photo of someone (doesn’t have to be famous), that’s had the operation and the results they’re looking for. … Continue reading

Considering breast aug or fillers? You need to know about biofilm!

ShareLike movies? Biofilm is the most important film you’ve never heard of! Biofilm is the technical name for the slime that bacteria secrete. It’s a problem in the case of breast implants and fillers. We generally worry about blatant infections … Continue reading

Why patient leads after midnight lead nowhere

ShareI’m not sure about other industries but within the healthcare space, cosmetic practices are generating leads from many different “channels.” By that, I mean we get leads through our website contact submission form, a BuildMyBod Price Estimator wishlist or questions … Continue reading

Patients are filming their own surgery! Yeah, that happens! [video]

ShareA lot of doctors are having trouble with the intrusion of social media into the clinical arena. Whether it be during a consultation or surgery, patients want to, anonymously or not, share their experience. And yeah, patients are filming their … Continue reading