My new insurance doesn’t cover my old medication


The volatile nature of health insurance can present new challenges all around. However, I want to focus on one very real issue and how to resolve it. What happens when you change health insurance plans and they don’t cover the medication you’re currently taking. The obvious answer is that you switch to whatever similar medication […]

Infraareolar vs Inframammary Breast Augmentation

infraareolar vs inframammary

I know those words are a mouthful, no pun intended. However, if you’re researching breast augmentation, you’ll want to know your options. Both of these breast augmentation techniques involve an incision on the breast, not through the armpit. They’re both great for a straightforward breast augmentation. In other words, no lift, which can be accomplished […]

Why health insurance has high deductibles

high deductibles

For those of you shopping for new insurance, you probably want the most affordable plan out there. Even if you find an inexpensive plan, there’s a catch. Plans that are less expensive month-to-month have high deductibles as a trade off. That means if you actually need a doctor, medication or hospitalization, you’ll be paying a […]

Do I really need to change my breast implants every 10 years?

textured breast implants

No. But let’s clarify where that number came from and why it’s not necessarily true. Every patient that researches breast augmentation has come across the magic number of 10. The need to replace breast implants (saline or silicone) every 10 years.   Replacing breast implants every 10 years? In 2011, the FDA released this report on […]

Do I need a foley catheter for my surgery? [video]

foley catheter

While it’s normal to be squeamish about a foley catheter, it’s actually a very important device. For those that don’t know, a foley catheter is a silicone tube placed into the bladder to measure urine output. Many think it’s just for bed-ridden patients that can’t get up to go to the bathroom. But it serves […]

Skin removal or liposuction?

skin removal vs liposuction

Many more patients are undergoing massive weight loss surgery. Either with a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve. Once they lose all that weight, they still have trouble fitting into clothes because of the excess skin. So do they need skin removal or liposuction? That depends.   Do you need skin removal or liposuction? It’s very […]

Why you still need a chemical peel after a facelift [video]

laser skin resurfacing

It’s understandable to assume that the granddaddy of all cosmetic procedures, the facelift, is the end all, be all operation. After you get a facelift, you don’t need anything else in your facial rejuvenation repertoire, right? Not necessarily.   Why a chemical peel may be necessary after a facelift If you have jowls (the hanging […]

The importance of front office staff

We had local TV station KRON4 at the office today to shoot some patient testimonials. You can see a few clips below. While it may not be clear from those clips, the common thread throughout was the quality of our front office staff. Every testimonial mentioned how great the front office staff is. Often times, […]

Shaped vs Round Silicone Breast Implants [video]

myths of breast augmentation

You can never explain the difference between shaped vs round silicone breast implants too many times! In fact, I created a YouTube video a couple years ago and when I watched it the other day, I realized how unnecessarily complicated I made it. So I’ve made a new one that you can see here or […]

Doctors: Include videos in your “wishlist” emails

Thanks to Dr. Samuel Shatkin of Buffalo (Amherst), NY for suggesting one of our newest features! Grow your engagement with consumers who submit a wishlist by allowing them to watch videos of your choosing.   Every wishlist a consumer receives can include a promotional video that highlights your practice or facility. But even better, you can also include videos […]