Do you really want cheap anesthesia?! [video]

surgeon saying

Sure out-of-pocket healthcare costs are expensive. So it’s natural to try and save some money here and there. But do you really want to skimp and get cheap anesthesia? Avoiding deep sedation or general anesthesia is appropriate at times but make the decision for the right reasons.   What procedures are best for local anesthesia? […]

Getting the best bang for your buck on cosmetic services

best bang for your buck

The holidays are over and you spent money on everyone around you. Now it’s time to treat yourself but you’re low on money after Christmas and Chanukah…am I right?! So here are a few non-surgical suggestions that will get you the best bang for your buck.   BOTOX®/XEOMIN® to the 11’s, forehead and crow’s feet […]

Neck lift vs mini neck lift [video]

neck lift

Definitions differ from doctor to doctor on a procedure and the “mini” version of said procedure. Same thing with neck lift and a mini neck lift. However, these general principals hold true in regards to a neck lift regardless of treating surgeon.   So what’s the difference between a neck lift and a mini neck […]

Lowering the Inframammary Fold in Breast Augmentation

inframammary fold

Whenever we physicians, attend a plastic surgery meeting, we’re on the lookout for new techniques. Often there is live surgery focusing on the latest in breast augmentation. However, when a doctor is demonstrating their technique, they demonstrate on a perfectly symmetrical patient. The breasts are symmetrical. The inframammary folds are in the ideal position. There’s […]

Breast augmentation and belly button piercing removal combo procedure!

belly button piercing removal

Patients have limited time off for surgery. So it’s natural to address as many concerns as possible during combination procedures. One combination procedure that may not be as recognizable as a Mommy Makeover but just as common is the belly button piercing removal done at the same time as a breast augmentation. There are more […]

Let’s just see if my health insurance will cover it…wrong!

cost of healthcare

When it comes to getting outpatient treatment of any type – colonoscopy, sending a biopsy to the lab – consumers hope their health insurance will cover it. They think, even if my health insurance doesn’t cover it, there’s no harm in trying, right? Wrong!   It’s no big deal if my health insurance doesn’t cover […]

Make your office a place where patients can multitask!

In this dog eat dog world, when everyone is in the rat race of their life, we all need to be as productive as possible. Even the time we’re relaxing and tending to ourselves. Enter, the cosmetic clinic and medspa. While these may be a sanctuary of peace and quiet, they can also be a […]

The ‘Call to Action’ patients are looking for!

For every healthcare provider out there, there’s 10,000 consumers perusing their website. They’re looking for something and hoping the doctor has the answer. At the same time, the doctor is hoping to capture that patient. To do so, they’ll put various ‘call to action’ buttons or links on their site. ‘Schedule Online’ or ‘Book Now’ […]

Are your surgeon’s hands clean?!

surgeon's hands

The building where I work just installed Dyson Airblades, like this one, in the bathrooms. While we use hand sanitizer and paper towels in our own office, I was curious if these Airblades made a difference. Once I started doing some research, I learned they do make a difference but for all of the wrong […]