Do you really want cheap anesthesia?! [video]

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Getting the best bang for your buck on cosmetic services

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Lowering the Inframammary Fold in Breast Augmentation

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Top 5 Best Practices for Doctors and Web Developers using the BuildMyBod Price Estimator

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Breast augmentation and belly button piercing removal combo procedure!

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Let’s just see if my health insurance will cover it…wrong!

ShareWhen it comes to getting outpatient treatment of any type – colonoscopy, sending a biopsy to the lab – consumers hope their health insurance will cover it. They think, even if my health insurance doesn’t cover it, there’s no harm … Continue reading

The ‘Call to Action’ patients are looking for!

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BuildMyBod and Firm Media

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How strong are silicone breast implants? [video]

ShareSilicone breast implants received a lot of bad press over the last few decades. The first few generations had thin shells filled with liquid silicone. The current fifth generation implants are stronger than ever.   What’s changed with silicone breast … Continue reading