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Dr. Bae with Dr. Miami of Snapchat Fame!

Check out Snapchat today and follow @realdrbae AKA Dr. Jonathan Kaplan or @therealdrmiami AKA Dr. Michael Salzhauer. They’ll be working together in Miami at Dr. Miami’s office. Dr. Kaplan is in Miami learning from one of the most recognized plastic surgeons in the world with over 2,000,000 followers on social media!   What’s up with […]

What your doctor does the night before your surgery!

second stage of surgery

It’s the day of your big surgery. You’re nervous but you figure you’re in good hands, right? Did you ever consider how your doctor’s personal life may affect your surgery? For example, did they get a good night’s sleep the night before? Here’s my perspective on what I do the night before a patient’s surgery. […]

Follow Dr. Kaplan of BuildMyBod and PHPS on Spotify!

What’s got two thumbs and has great operating room-related playlists on Spotify? This guy! That’s right, Dr. Kaplan, AKA @realdrbae on Snapchat, founder of BuildMyBod Health and board certified plastic surgeon at Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery has, with the help of his office staff, created seven playlists on Spotify that reflect the operation he’s performing […]

The secret hiding place of fat: thighs

Every time I perform a Brazilian Butt Lift, I’m always surprised that even in the thinnest of patients, they still have fat hiding in their inner thighs! I’m not suggesting everyone needs liposuction to their inner thighs. However, if you’re considering buttock augmentation but worried you may not have enough fat, you actually might.   […]

Lip Implants and Phenol Croton Oil Chemical Peel

That’s right, today we have video of a patient receiving silicone lip implants and a phenol-croton oil chemical peel to resurface her skin! As you can see in the Snapchat video below (also view directly on Snapchat @realdrbae), you can see how we perform this procedure up close and personal.   Who’s a candidate for […]

For the healthy in healthcare, it comes down to price

This article in the NY Times starts off, “It is all about the price.” When it comes to healthcare, price is the ultimate pain point. I’m not saying it’s the only pain point but eventually, the consumer wants to know their out-of-pocket cost. Whether they’re paying out of pocket because it’s a cosmetic procedure or […]

Restore your breasts after breast feeding

Kids and pregnancy can do a number on your breasts! While the breasts can enlarge during pregnancy and certainly remain large while breast feeding, they can deflate soon thereafter. And with deflation comes breast ptosis, or droop. Good news is there’s something you can do about it!   Breast feeding deflated my breasts, what can […]

Nurse Injectors vs Physician Injectors

Considering Botox or fillers to treat those facial lines? Aside from deciding what area to treat, you should also consider who will treat you – nurse injectors or physician injectors.   While some of the legalities vary from state to state, it is totally legal for nurse injectors to treat your facial wrinkles with Botox, […]

Botox treatment for your headache

I just had a patient tell me she usually doesn’t get headaches, until recently. She realized that the last time she got a headache coincided with her neurotoxin (Botox) wearing off. She thought it was just a coincidence that her stress headache came on a few months after her previous Botox treatment. Based on that […]

Youthanizing of the hands…or anti-aging of the hands!

Yes, we know, this is a funny title for a blog post. But anti-aging of the hands is no laughing matter! You can get a facelift but your hands will still give away your age if left untreated. Well, no more. You can now “youthanize” or provide anti-aging treatment for your hands with filler or […]