Options in Lip Augmentation

ShareConsidering lip augmentation? Now that Kylie Jenner has popularized this trend, let’s talk about your options. You have permanent silicone lip implants and fillers on the market along with fat injections.   Lip augmentation: Fillers, lip implants and fat As seen … Continue reading

Reasonable expectations with CoolSculpting

ShareCoolSculpting has been a part of my practice for over two years now. At this point, I know it works. It works consistently and we can see a result of some sort 99.9% of the time. The tricky part for … Continue reading

Will removing breast implants cure Lyme Disease?

ShareCrystal Hefner, wife of Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner, recently had her breast implants removed as reported here. The article initially suggests her symptoms of food intolerance, back/neck/shoulder pain, memory loss and fatigue was diagnosed as Lyme Disease. However, after more … Continue reading

Preoperative Clearance Before Cosmetic Surgery

ShareDuring a consultation for a cosmetic procedure, we ask patients about their medical history. Diabetes. High blood pressure. Medications. If they have more than one major medical illness, we require preoperative clearance from their primary doctor or cardiologist. The patients, … Continue reading

Breast Augmentation with Round Implants on Snapchat [video]

ShareIn this post, we were all about shaped breast implants. But let’s not forget about their older, more seasoned “sister” – the round breast implant. The round implant is still the most common implant used in breast augmentation and will … Continue reading

Social Media in the Operating Room

ShareWhen I was in residency, I thought the hardest thing to do was learn how to do a facelift. Once I got into practice, the hardest thing to do was learn how to run a business, since ultimately, a medical … Continue reading

Bustin’ out with shaped breast implants! [video]

Share Here in the United States, the most common type of breast augmentation is performed with round implants…but shaped breast implants are catching up! Regardless of what implant you choose, the same risks apply as you can read in this … Continue reading

Liposuction vs Gynecomastia Correction

ShareCalling all men! Do you think you have gynecomastia (excess male breast tissue) or maybe it’s just excess fat? The underlying problem will determine what operation is right for you.   If you have excess breast tissue, referred to as … Continue reading

Arm Lift: Before and After Photos and Cost

Share The arm lift is becoming a very popular procedure according to recent statistics. Whether it’s a stand-alone procedure or in combination with other body contouring procedures, the arm lift is here to stay. One of the biggest drawbacks is … Continue reading