Five Leads that are Probably Going Nowhere!

While I wouldn’t technically call it eavesdropping, I can easily overhear my office staff answering incoming calls at the front desk. And interestingly, I can tell within seconds if the “lead” on the phone is going nowhere. In addition to the initial phone call interaction, it quickly becomes evident that leads are going nowhere in […]

CoolSculpting on the Kardashians!

In their latest foray into pop culture, the Kardashians got some non-surgical fat reduction with CoolSculpting! The episode aired this past Sunday, May 22nd and featured the Momager, Kris Kardashian Jenner and daughter Kendall in the doctor’s office.   Remind me, what’s CoolSculpting? While Kendall wasn’t getting treated, it appeared that Kris and a friend […]

Negative Reviews on Yelp: The Physician Perspective

Your office provides excellent customer service. You offer every arriving patient a cup of coffee, tea or water. They never wait more than 5 minutes to see the doctor. You offer full price transparency online prior to the visit. The doctor encourages patients to email questions before a surgical procedure. The evening after the surgical procedure, […]

Throwing the Perfect CoolSculpting Party!

Want to attract serious, sophisticated patients interested in CoolSculpting?! Host a CoolSculpting and caviar party! We recently did this at my practice and we had a very successful shindig!   Our arriving guests were offered caviar bites with creme fraiche on blinis by the The Caviar Co., an exclusive caviar purveyor, providing unsurpassed caviar collections […]

Why Yelp is partly to blame for the current opioid crisis!


I recently wrote about the ongoing opioid epidemic. More opioid overdoses and deaths currently than anytime in recent memory. In case you didn’t read this post, I blamed a lot of people and organizations for the recent crisis. I argued that it all started with the American Pain Society in 1996.   For those of you […]

Radiesse and Belotero Lower Face Challenge!

Do you have wrinkles around the mouth like this patient above?! Now there’s something you can do about it. Fillers are great injectable products that can fill facial wrinkles. When evaluating deep and superficial wrinkles, it’s important to recognize that one filler doesn’t fit all. Radiesse is great for deeper wrinkles; Belotero for the more […]

The Mini Necklift!

If you’re the right candidate, you can get a necklift without the big painful scars behind the ears! It all breaks down like this: depending on what’s “wrong” with your neck – excess skin, excess fat or a lax neck muscle (platysma) – will determine which procedure is best for you.   Which necklift is […]

Read the BuildMyBod Health White Paper on Price Transparency

It’s here…the definitive white paper on price transparency in healthcare! Before you fall asleep, check out this article in the Annals of Plastic Surgery. As the article explains, with BuildMyBod Health, you can take control of your out-of-pocket healthcare costs and your doctor is incentivized to help you determine cost ahead of time too.   BuildMyBod Health […]

What millennials want…and it’s not skin care!

Millennials, the generation that followed Generation X and were born in the 80’s and 90’s (those in their 20’s and 30’s now) are known to be impatient and jonesing to change the world. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, that impatience extends to skin care (and thus why it’s a topic on this […]

Is the FDA taking away your right to get a Brazilian Butt Lift?!

As you may be aware, many patients are requesting fat injections  for a Brazilian Butt Lift and other treatments that reuse and recycle their own fat. Fat injections are a great way to use your own fat gathered through liposuction, which is then placed into the butt or face to plump up that area. In the […]