Before and After Photos: Behind the Scenes!

Look at the before and after photos to the left. Great looking tummy tuck result and the patient is thrilled. But why does it look particularly good? Maybe because you can’t see the requisite tummy tuck scar that goes with it? The patient’s underwear, worn in a position normal for her, is covering the scar. […]

Did the 5th Vital Sign Lead to Opioid Addiction?


For those of you not in the medical field, there are typically four vital signs the nurse or doctor takes of the patient: blood pressure, respirations, heart rate and temperature. But in 1996, the American Pain Society coined the phrase, the 5th vital sign, which is pain. The only problem is that while the first […]

Feeling miserable? Nothing an IV can’t cure!

I recently had what I think was the flu. Night sweats, malaise, sneezing, coughing etc. But the night sweats was what really got me because I became so dehydrated in just a matter of hours while sleeping. With the nurses in my office seeing how dehydrated/ill I looked, they suggested IV fluids. Whoa! Did that […]

How young is too young for plastic surgery?

Is 21 too young for Botox? What about breast augmentation? Who should decide? If you’re not the one getting plastic surgery, maybe it’s none of your business when someone chooses to get work done?! Rather than being a moral decision, plastic surgery and when to get it should be based on medical reasoning.   Obviously […]

Mother of the Bride

Everyone always throws out terms like bridalplasty to describe various plastic surgery procedures that a bride receives before her big day…what about the mother of the bride?! The mother of the bride wants to look her best as well. Here are a few things the mother of the bride can do to shine but not […]

Fillers for your cheeks…and not the crease!

As a recent NY Times article discussed, the school of thought regarding placement of fillers has changed over the last several years. In the past, fillers (gel injections) would plump up the lip and wrinkles to give a more youthful look. The purpose, to strive for the fountain of youth, hasn’t changed, but how we […]

Deviated septum…can it come back?

For those of you who’ve heard of it but not really sure what a deviated septum is, here’s your answer! There’s cartilage that runs down the middle of your nose that separates the left nostril and nasal airway from the right nostril and nasal airway. Sometimes your septum deviates, or shifts to one side as […]

BuildMyBod Featured at Becker’s Healthcare Conference

BuildMyBod is very proud to announce their inclusion in the 23rd annual meeting of Becker’s ASC Review in Chicago. As one of the largest industry meetings that help hospitals and ambulatory surgery center’s (ASC’s) achieve first-in-class best practices, this is recognition of the new-found importance of price transparency in healthcare.   Becker’s Healthcare and BuildMyBod […]

Cosmetic Surgery is Real Surgery

It’s natural to assume that cosmetic surgery isn’t “real” surgery. After all, it’s not heart surgery, it’s just cosmetic. While that’s true that the underlying reason for cosmetic surgery isn’t necessary surgery, the surgery gods don’t really care. Regardless of the necessity of surgery, surgery is still surgery…with the same ensuing risks.   Medical History […]

Don’t believe the size tag on your bra!

If I had a nickel for every time a patient asked me what bra size they would be after their breast augmentation surgery, I’d probably have about $250 (you can do the math)! The problem has always been and will continue to be that bra sizes are different between manufacturers so I can’t tell them […]