Sientra Breast Implants Available Again


As you may have read in this previous post, Sientra breast implants have had a trying several months. But that may soon be behind them. As of tomorrow, March 1st 2016, they’ll be available again.   The truth is, nothing was ever wrong with the implants. In an overabundance of caution, the company chose to […]

Liquid Nose Job Before and After Photos

liquid rhinoplasty cost

I continue to be impressed with how a nonsurgical liquid nose job can transform the nose, and therefore the face, in unexpected ways. Up til now, if you wanted to change something about your nose, surgery was required. Shave down a bump, even out a divot, get more tip projection. But with the injection of […]

Will my breast implants drop?!

breast augmentation

It’s a little nerve-racking after breast augmentation. The breast implants seem a little high but will they drop? The answer is that in a vast majority of cases, breast implants will drop into the correct position. You just have to be patient.   Maybe the best ‘first’ question is why are they high in the […]

Latisse: Still the best thing going!


Want guaranteed eyelash growth at a reasonable cost? Latisse is still your best option.   There are many products with endless promises – get rid of cellulite, stretch marks or melasma – but none of them really work or live up to those guarantees. Nothing except Latisse. It is amazing how the only FDA approved […]

Does CoolSculpting hurt?


These days everyone wants all the results with none of the surgery, but even that isn’t always enough. They also want their non-surgical treatment to be pain-free! While the technology out there nowadays can help you avoid surgery, freedom from pain isn’t always possible. However, if there’s a treatment out there that delivers on non-surgical […]

Lead Generation: A Number’s Game

I always enjoy reviewing the numbers of generated leads from the BuildMyBod Health platform. For those of you not familiar, this is a lead generation platform that uses healthcare price transparency as the “hook.”     As demonstrated in the video above, a consumer can find a healthcare provider near them, use the BuildMyBod Price […]

Lip augmentation without duck lips!

duck lips

There’s no excuse for duck lips! Seriously though, fillers have been on the market for years now and when it comes to lip augmentation, there’s no reason it has to be overdone.   The purpose of most cosmetic procedures is to restore self-confidence and a youthful, rested appearance. The best cosmetic surgery is “invisible” wherein […]

What’s the difference between a breast reduction and a breast lift?

plastic surgery

Believe it or not, a breast reduction and a breast lift (mastopexy) are very similar. In many cases, they both require similar incisions. Here’s a little background.   One of the most common types of incision patterns for a breast reduction or breast lift is called the Wise pattern. This is the typical “anchor” or […]

5 Steps to Help Pick the Medical Field that Suits You Best

The following was originally posted on the Medelita TheRightFitMD blog. Thanks for allowing Dr. Kaplan, founder and CEO of BuildMyBod Health to be a guest blogger on your site!   GUEST POST: 5 STEPS TO HELP PICK THE MEDICAL FIELD THAT SUITS YOU BEST I promised myself I would never be that doctor!   Imagine […]

Patients on Procedures (POP): CoolSculpting [podcast series]

repeat coolsculpting treatments

Considering CoolSculpting? Don’t just take what you read on the internet as gospel. Hear from a real live patient! In the podcast below, you’ll hear from Nancy, a CoolSculpting patient that was very skeptical but now a true believer!   Nancy discusses how she was bothered with her lower abdomen and flanks and didn’t really […]