A medical complication: Part 3 Podcast

ShareWe want to start off by thanking our guest Beth Bradley of Connecticut for sharing her story of near-death, strength and never giving up after suffering a terrible medical complication.   In this conclusion to our three-part podcast, the day … Continue reading

Friending your doctor’s personal Facebook page? Podcast

ShareIn this podcast (listen below), Dr. Peter Kreymerman, a board certified plastic surgeon is interviewed by Jonathan Kaplan, founder and CEO of BuildMyBod.com. They discuss topics ranging from Dr. Kreymerman’s immigration from Russia, training at Cleveland Clinic and his practice … Continue reading

Breast Augmentation Incision

ShareJust because you’ve decided to get a breast augmentation doesn’t mean the decision-making is over. Similar to how we discussed smooth vs textured implants here, there’s also the decision regarding where you want your breast augmentation incision to be.   … Continue reading

Smooth or textured breast implants?

ShareSimilar to other age-old questions like cats vs dogs, tastes great vs less filling, Edward vs Jacob, Miley vs Taylor there’s smooth vs textured breast implants! Which is right for you?   Let’s start with the simple one. If you … Continue reading

Chin Implant Surgical Video

ShareQuestions about getting a chin implant? Well seeing is believing and hopefully understanding too. In the video below you’ll see how your plastic surgeon can place a chin implant with minimal pain and a short incision.   Under deep sedation … Continue reading