The BuildMyBod Cost Estimator

ShareGone are the days of getting a healthcare service and not knowing your out-of-pocket costs before the bill shows up. Using the BuildMyBod cost estimator, you can find a doctor, their services and out-of-pocket costs before getting that service.   … Continue reading

THE Aesthetic Show

ShareDo you recognize the guy on the left? That’s Dr. Andrew Ordon, the plastic surgeon on the Emmy-nominated show, The Doctors. I met him this past weekend while presenting at THE Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas.   I presented on … Continue reading

Price Transparency Software

ShareAre you frustrated with the lack of price transparency in healthcare yet?! As a consumer, you’re not the only one annoyed with the difficulty in getting pricing information before you get your medical bill. Doctors and other providers are feeling … Continue reading

Traditional liposuction for lipo etching

ShareEver heard of lipo etching? It’s not a terribly common procedure but one that patients request. Lipo etching creates lines in the abdominal skin so that you look like you have the contours of a “six-pack!”   The interesting thing … Continue reading