Gaining weight after liposuction

We’ve all heard it before – if I get liposuction in one area, will all my fat start accumulating in an area that didn’t receive liposuction?! And the answer is a resounding no. Understanding why this won’t happen requires an understanding of fat and “getting fat.”   Believe it or not, all of the fat […]

How many women have breast implants? [infographic]

It’s crazy to think there are over 5 million women in the US with breast implants! Pretty popular procedure to say the least. There’s even more shocking statistics on breast implants in the infographic below, but first, a bit more about the procedure.   Breast augmentation is a very safe procedure with fewer complications associated […]

Makeup after plastic surgery

Ever wonder why all of the celebrities seem to have the best plastic surgery? As in, you can’t tell they had surgery and they just look refreshed. Well, it’s not that the rich and famous are the only ones with access to the best plastic surgeons – it may be that they just have access […]

Local vs General Anesthesia

Whether it’s because patients worry whether they’ll wake up or not, more and more patients want to avoid general anesthesia if possible during their cosmetic procedure. And they’re in luck because most of the time, we can accommodate them!   With the right combination of medications and experience level of the anesthesiologist, your procedure can […]

The BuildMyBod Cost Estimator

Gone are the days of getting a healthcare service and not knowing your out-of-pocket costs before the bill shows up. Using the BuildMyBod cost estimator, you can find a doctor, their services and out-of-pocket costs before getting that service.   Considering that you can get estimated costs for pretty much anything online, healthcare should be […]

The weekend effect and your survival

Should you be worried about your survival if admitted to a hospital over the weekend? According to countless studies and this article in Forbes, you should be.   Robert Glatter MD, the author of the Forbes story succinctly explains this phenomenon, which is multifactorial:   “At least some of the previous explanations from researchers for […]

Botox, is it really preventative?

As discussed in this article in Harper’s BAZAAR, should you start using Botox when you’re young to prevent wrinkles? Multiple opinions abound so why not add my own!   First off, Botox, including competitors like Xeomin and Dysport are approved over age 18. (Oh, and if you’re wondering about the different types of botulinum toxin, […]

Bruising After Surgery

From the same patient that inspired me to write this and this, that same patient has also inspired me to write the post below for your reading pleasure. Bruising after surgery – it’s not unexpected but how much is too much. And how do you know when it’s bad enough to call or email your […]

THE Aesthetic Show

Do you recognize the guy on the left? That’s Dr. Andrew Ordon, the plastic surgeon on the Emmy-nominated show, The Doctors. I met him this past weekend while presenting at THE Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas.   I presented on one of my favorite topics – price transparency in healthcare. Using the platform that I […]

Price Transparency Software

Are you frustrated with the lack of price transparency in healthcare yet?! As a consumer, you’re not the only one annoyed with the difficulty in getting pricing information before you get your medical bill. Doctors and other providers are feeling quite inadequate due to their inability to help patients determine cost after the doctor has […]