Want surgery? Ask a friend.

I just performed surgery on a patient. My patient had a friend who recently had the same procedure. It’s been a great recovery for both the patient and for me!   During the consultation and preop visit, I always go over the surgery we’ll be performing, the risks and benefits, the process on the day […]

Pharmacy Costs

I recently had a patient that needed some antibiotics after her surgery. She initially asked me to call her prescription in to Costco but Costco’s pharmacy is closed on Sunday. So I asked the patient to provide me with a 24-hour pharmacy near where she lives.   Enter “Unnamed chain pharmacy”. She sent me a […]

Dogma is a bad word in medicine

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the medical establishment is rethinking the whole perioperative period – that time before surgery when you’re starving because you can’t eat or the time after surgery when you’re nauseated, in pain and overloaded with fluid. Medicine is changing, and in this case, for the better.   […]