Physician Payment Sunshine Act

A new law wrapped into the Affordable Care Act was the Physician Payment Sunshine Act. The idea behind this law is to shine a light on any financial relationships between pharmaceutical industries or applicable manufacturers, and the doctors and hospitals with whom they work. With increased transparency, and by publishing these relationships online here, the government […]

Plastic Surgeon for your Fillers

In a recent article in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, there’s a discussion regarding the devastating, albeit very, very, very low risk of blindness after receiving fillers. Fillers can be any material that is injected under the skin of the face to fill in deep creases after a loss of volume associated with aging. […]

Grumpy Cat has Bitchy Resting Face!

      Do you know this guy?! This is Tartar Sauce aka Grumpy Cat…an internet sensation since 2012.     Amazing what goes viral on social media these days but say what you want, Grumpy Cat has a following. And it’s all because he/she has bitchy resting face!   Grumpy Cat, what’s bitchy resting […]

Massive Weight Loss with Embolization

In a fascinating alternative for treating obesity, doctors in Dayton, Ohio have started studying the ability to initiate massive weight loss by blocking the blood supply to one part of the stomach. The left gastric artery, one of several blood vessels to the stomach, provides oxygen-rich blood to specific cells in the stomach that produce […]

Second Face Transplant at Cleveland Clinic

  In late September, the Cleveland Clinic, my “alma mater” performed their second face transplant. While it was almost 2 months ago, they’re just now starting to discuss the case. I saw a few of the staff plastic surgeons that trained me at the Cleveland Clinic during a plastic surgery meeting in mid-October and they […]

BuildMyBod Price Transparency [infographic]

BuildMyBod, your source for online price transparency in healthcare continues to grow. The infographic below highlights how a picture is worth a thousand words! Enjoy and repost as you see fit. Thanks for reading our blog and forging a path to price transparency in healthcare.    Price Transparency in Healthcare   Tell us your story […]

Open Enrollment

Well, it’s that open enrollment time of year again! For those of you not sure, this is the one time of the year where you’re able to purchase or alter your current health insurance. It’s also the time of year when the insurance company notifies you that your existing insurance plan is no longer being […]

Couples Plastic Surgery

The only thing better than having one satisfied customer is having two satisfied customers! Couples plastic surgery can be very fulfilling…as I experienced again earlier this week.     A very nice couple came in for two different procedures and because of what they wanted, we could offer those services at the same time! While […]

Gummy Bear Implants

You’ve heard them described as gummy bear implants before but why? How are gummy bear implants different than all other implants? Before we get started, gummy bear implants, regardless of manufacturer or size, are all made of silicone.   When it comes to silicone breast implants, it comes down to cohesiveness. This describes the thickness […]

Kylie Jenner: Worthy of a blog post?!

OMG! Have you seen Kylie Jenner and her lips!   What have we come to that a 17 year old-ish’s lips are the buzz all over social media?! In case you don’t know, Kylie Jenner is part of the Jenner-Kardashian clan from the E! Network “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” I don’t know her and […]