New Medical Bills!

In a recent NY Times article, several examples are used to highlight a new phenomenon. New, unexpected, medical bills. Now that consumers are shouldering more of the burden of their healthcare costs with high deductible health plans, coupled with lower reimbursement from insurers to providers (doctors, hospitals, etc), patients are receiving medical bills for things […]

Proposition 46

Even if you don’t live in California, it’s important for you to know about a proposition on the upcoming California ballot that may also be coming to a state near you. Proposition 46 is primarily about raising the cap on non-economic damages, “pain and suffering,” in a malpractice lawsuit against your doctor. The maximum that […]

Nurse in NJ under quarantine for Ebola

A nurse returning from Sierra Leone has been quarantined in a New Jersey hospital. The governors of New York and New Jersey issued an edict at the end of last week requiring quarantine for anyone in recent contact with Ebola-stricken patients. Apparently she felt very dehumanized in the way she was treated in the Newark […]

Breastfeeding after breast augmentation

There’s no problem with breastfeeding after breast augmentation. Plain and simple. Keep in mind that not everyone is able to breastfeed but that has nothing to do with the presence or absence of breast implants. Some women simply can’t breastfeed or it’s too painful or the baby doesn’t attach well. But if you were able […]

Yes, It’s Renee Zellweger!

    In a recent post on, the paparazzi’s photos of Reneee Zellweger attempt to showcase how much the actress has changed after being out of the spotlight since 2010. She appeared to change so much that the article’s title is “Is that you, Renee Zellweger?” They’re wondering what cosmetic surgery she had and […]

The Dreaded Deductible

        A recent article in the NY Times discusses how consumers that actually have health insurance are foregoing medical care. With more and more health plans having a high deductible, we’re responsible for up to the first $6000 before the deductible is met and our insurance benefits kick in. Since consumers don’t […]

BuildMyBod Featured on

Whether you read or not, there are at least 349 other people that do…and they all shared a recent article about BuildMyBod! The article by John Rampton highlights 7 questions entrepreneurs should be prepared to answer when their Venture-Capitalist-in-white-shining-armor comes calling.   The article mentions BuildMyBod when discussing the competitive advantage you want to describe […]

What plastic surgery is covered by insurance?

While it may seem obvious that reconstructive plastic surgery procedures are covered by insurance and cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are not covered, there are some nuances that necessitate clarification. Even the Australian government’s national health service weighed in on the debate recently.       What’s covered? Essentially, if you have a deformity on your […]

Ebola in the ER…would you make the diagnosis?

By now, you have heard that the first US Ebola death in the US was originally seen in the ER on September 25th and sent home. Most media outlets are quick to point out this lapse in diagnosis, including the NY Times. Of course hindsight is 20/20 and while the diagnosis seems obvious now, would […]

Breast Augmentation through an Armpit Incision

After researching breast augmentation, you probably noticed many ways to have a “boob job.” Either through an incision under the breast crease, through the nipple/areola and maybe even through the navel…another option is to have a breast augmentation through the underarm area, or more crassly known as the “armpit.” The technical name for this procedure […]