Cosmetic Surgery Before or After Kids?

Depending on what type of cosmetic procedure you’re considering, it may be best to wait til after kids. For example, a tummy tuck will help remove excess abdominal skin, tighten the abdominal wall and even a little lipo along the flanks. Clearly this would be best done after kids. No reason to go through all […]

Plastic Surgery Gone Wild

I recently had someone call my plastic surgery office inquiring as to whether I could split his tongue to look more like a snake. While I don’t do this, it’s not the first time I’ve had this request. Do I know how to do it? Technically, yes, I could split a tongue…but that doesn’t mean […]

What’s better for me, a facelift or a mini-facelift?

If you’re considering a facial rejuvenation procedure, there are a few easy ways to determine whether you need a facelift or a mini-facelift. It all depends on what areas of the face are starting to sag and it depends on your goals.     If you want a fully refreshed look for your face and […]

The Benefits of Two CoolSculpting Machines (DualSculpting)

Since I started providing CoolSculpting in my practice in early April, there’s one thing I’m particularly happy that I did. I bought two machines! This was a gamble of sorts. Here I was, bringing a new technology into my practice that required a substantial investment and rather than playing it safe and getting one machine, […]

Do I always need general anesthesia?

For many patients considering cosmetic surgery, one of their major concerns is the type of anesthesia that will be used. “Will I need to be completely knocked out?”, “What if I don’t wake up?” are among some pretty standard questions I hear during the consultation. To better answer these questions, let’s agree on the terminology […]

What you can do while CoolSculpting!

Now that I’ve been offering CoolSculpting for the last several months, I’ve noticed something very funny. CoolSculpting patients take full advantage of their time while receiving treatment. Since it doesn’t hurt and requires laying in a comfortable exam table for at least an hour, patients can do pretty much anything to pass the time.   […]

Under Eye Bags? Now you have options!

For patients that have under eye bags, you have so many more options than you did just a few years ago. These options range from totally non-invasive (no needles), to non-surgical (needles but no surgery and no downtime) to minimally invasive (surgery but minimal downtime).   If you have under eye bags, you can consider […]

Shaped Breast Implants

If you’re in the market for breast augmentation, you’ve probably read about shaped breast implants by now. As opposed to round implants, shaped breast implants have more of a tear-drop shape, that makes them potentially more natural appearing.       Often when patients come in for a breast augmentation consult, they say they want […]

Please help: I’m addicted to CoolSculpting!

As promised in this post about my CoolSculpting experience, it’s been about 2.5 months since I treated my flanks, so here are my results below!     As you can tell, the “love handles” have disappeared. Great results from a totally non-invasive, no-downtime procedure! My weight hasn’t changed so the results you’re seeing are all […]

Botox for Blushing

Do you have anxiety that leads to facial blushing? Apparently you’re not the only one! Many folks around the world complain of blushing during times of anxiety, embarrassment or any emotional extreme. The problem is that when others see your facial blushing, they comment on it, making you feel more self-conscious, thus leading to more […]