Who Really Pays for Health Care?

Implementation of the Affordable Care Act has more or less come and gone. But it’s interesting, regardless of what side of the “for” or “against” fence you’re on, there are misconceptions about what changed in the health care landscape and what stayed the same. Here’s a great article from NPR that highlights some of those […]

Anti-Aging Medicine: Don’t forget the medicine!

I have the privilege of working with a unique company, Total Rejuvenation. They are a nationwide service for men and women who are sensing a change in their life with aging – whether it be emotional, physical or sexual dysfunction – and are looking for help. Many of these life changes can be due to […]

Now Treat Outer Thigh Fat Non-Surgically!

From the folks that brought you CoolSculpting and non-surgical fat reduction, they’re back with an even bigger announcement! They now have FDA clearance for the treatment of outer thigh fat, or saddlebags, with the CoolSculpting CoolSmooth applicator.     With this type of applicator, it’s even more important to find a doctor that offers DualSculpting. […]