Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Before and After

It’s been a while since I highlighted celebrity plastic surgery photos so here’s your fix! There’s an interesting 20 photo retrospective on RadarOnline that you can see here.   Check out some of the photos below. I chose these 3 photos out of the 20 they highlight because they represent something different – 1) bad […]

CoolSculpting after Surgery: SurgiSculpting™

For those of you not familiar with CoolSculpting, it’s an FDA cleared treatment for non-surgical fat reduction. The machine has suction heads as seen in the photo to the right that you can place on your love handles, lower/upper abdomen, bra fat, and inner/outer thighs. The suction head sucks skin into the cup and cools […]

The Plastic Surgeon’s Wife

In the past, most plastic surgeons, or for that matter, the wives of most doctors that were in private practice, had the role of being the office manager. This was natural because a medical practice was very personal, not corporate, and who best to keep an eye on the dollars flowing through the practice than […]

The Times, They are a Changin’: Medical Marketing

As I previously alluded to in this post, the way a doctor, particularly a plastic surgeon goes about medical marketing of his/her practice has changed so much. From no medical marketing at all, to print ads and social media, we are now entering a new era in physician marketing. Before, you marketed to consumers that weren’t […]

Diary of a CoolSculpting Patient

I had the pleasure of treating another CoolSculpting patient last Friday. Let’s say her initials are CS. She’s a very interesting, bubbly woman that likes to document her life as it’s happening via her e-diary, otherwise known as an iPad! Luckily she was kind enough to share her thoughts with me and give her permission […]

Breast Augmentation Cost – Updated

Curious as to how much breast augmentation, or a “breast aug” costs? Have you noticed that when you google this question, it’s hard to find a clear cut number of how much it costs? Well, you’ve find the right blog post and website to answer your questions about breast augmentation cost and any other procedures […]

Real Quotes from Real CoolSculpting Patients!

We’ve had our two (that’s right two – cut treatment time in half!) CoolSculpting machines in our office for three weeks now and we wanted to let you know what some of our patients are saying. Check out the quotes below:         I’ve got nothing to add to those comments other than, […]

You Can’t Have Kim Kardashian’s Butt

If you’ve checked out US Weekly Online recently, you’ll see some pretty impressive photos of Kim Kardashian’s buttocks. In case you haven’t, here’s a sneak peek below:     So she’s lost the baby weight, or at least returned to her pre-pregnancy state. While her legs are slender and look great, her buttocks are still […]

Brazilian Butt Lift: Implants vs Fat Injections

If you’re jealous of Kim Kardashian or just want a little more junk in your trunk, a buttock augmentation, or a Brazilian Butt Lift may be for you. For patients concerned about a deflated buttock, enlargement is appropriate. The two ways to enlarge the buttock is with implants or injections.   The Brazilian Butt Lift […]

Cosmetic Surgery Prices – Myth #2

A recent infographic from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery highlights the top 10 myths when it comes to cosmetic surgery. One prevailing assumption that cosmetic surgery prices are too high for the average American is myth #2!   The infographic mentions cost as just one myth but cosmetic surgery prices are a big […]