Bringing the Price of Health Care Into the Open

In her article, “How to Bring the Price of Health Care Into the Open,” Ms. Beck touches on a snowball effect that’s occurring right now in healthcare. As state legislatures, insurers and startups push initiatives to shine a light on the cost of healthcare, the movement is gaining traction. Whereas claiming that negotiated rates between […]

Breast Implants – Now 30% Lighter!

Have you ever thought to yourself, I would like to get a breast augmentation but breast implants are just too damn heavy?! Well, now you can get a lighter breast implant! 30% lighter. Of course I’m joking to some extent because the weight of the implant isn’t the first concern most women have but I […]

Stretch Marks Treatment for Kim Kardashian

Last night’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (yes, I watch it with my wife) touched on the treatment of Kim’s stretch marks after pregnancy. As I discussed in this previous post, nothing really works. Sorry laser companies, sorry skin cream companies!   While some creams can temporarily fade stretch marks with, more or […]

Redheads Seeing Blood and Other Surgical Myths

Maybe not everyone is aware of the surgical myths associated with having red hair but 2-6% of the US population – those with red hair – are quite familiar! These surgical myths are propagated as dogma throughout surgery residency and in everyday conversations, but after recently operating on a redhead, I was curious if any […]

Neck Rejuvenation with Botox

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, not everyone needs surgery. Take neck rejuvenation for example. Depending on the issues you’re having with your neck, a simple injection may be all you need.     Enter Meredith Vieira. Now, she’s a very attractive woman and doesn’t “need” anything but after seeing her fill in for Bob […]

Permanent Lip Implants

If you’re considering lip augmentation, now is the time! BuildMyBod is running a promotion for lip implants at Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery. For those not familiar with lip augmenation, I previously wrote about lip injections with Juvederm or Belotero. As I mentioned in that post, the benefits of lip injections is lower cost and the […]

BuildMyBod brings Price Transparency to the Capitol!

Roger Hernandez, Assemblyman for California’s 48th District, recently introduced the legislation, AB 1558, to the California Assembly that would promote the implementation of a website to provide price transparency in healthcare for California’s citizens. After hearing about this legislation on Capital Public Radio, this sounded like opportunity knocking!     BuildMyBod is a website/platform that […]

Why Price Transparency is More Complicated Than You Think

Why is price transparency in healthcare so difficult to achieve? If you want a car, you can check the price online or in the papers. Same thing with a house. So what’s so different about providing price transparency in healthcare? If it was easy, someone would’ve done it by now. In one sentence, it’s complicated […]

Job Loss with the ACA: The law of unintended consequences!

Watch CNN and you’ll see spin from one angle. Watch FOX News and see another. For a balanced assessment of a recently released non-partisan report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), read this!   According to the NY Times, the CBO released a report on Tuesday that was quite shocking to many, including me. The […]

Permanently Remove the Wrinkles In Between Your Eyebrows!

By now most everyone is familiar with BOTOX/Xeomin and how those injections can remove the wrinkles in between the eyebrows often referred to as the “11’s.” Those are the two stubborn vertical lines (thus the name the “11’s”) that can make a person look angry even if they’re not. The muscles under the skin that […]