Fountain Pens in the Age of the Electronic Health Record

I just took over another plastic surgeon’s practice here in San Francisco. He’s gone now and I’ve found some useful things in the drawers and cabinets. One thing I came across is a large selection of fountain pens. My predecessor was a big fan of fountain pens and they really do have an old-school, old-world […]

Face Transplant Patient Able to Shed a Tear!

In Friday’s NY Times, we are introduced to a woman now 8 months into her recovery from a face transplant in Boston. In 2009 her estranged husband broke into her house, beat and burned her with lye. He received a 30 year sentence but clearly deserves more.   But check out her amazing recovery in […]

TCA Chemical Peel in the NY Times


In this recent article in the NY Times, the compound trichloracetic acid (TCA), often used for light chemical peels by doctors and aestheticians to resurface the face and minimize or remove very fine lines, is finding itself being labeled as a human carcinogen. “Recently the International Agency on Cancer Research moved to classify it as […]

Seek Out a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon…Even for Laser Hair Removal

A recent study in the journal, JAMA Dermatology reviews lawsuits filed after receiving skin treatments with a medical-grade laser. The most common procedure leading to a lawsuit was laser hair removal. The study reviewed whether lawsuits increased when the treatment was provide by a NPO (nonphysician operator). Take a look at these very telling statistics […]

CareCredit and Medical Credit Cards

As a consumer interested in various veterinary or medical services that are typically out-of-pocket, you may pay for those services with a credit card. But if you don’t have a credit card due to a less-than-stellar credit rating, you may have to turn to a medical credit card. These come in the form of iCare […]

BuildMyBod on CNBC!

Just a quick update, a feature on BuildMyBod will be aired on CNBC today! Check it out throughout the day. Here’s a quick peek:    

Controversy in Posting Plastic Surgery Pricing

Why is it so hard to find pricing on plastic surgery. Sure there are websites that list national averages but that’s not what you want. Not only are those averages often EXcluding operating room fees and other ancillary fees, but what if you want multiple procedures. Do you add the low end of ranges or […]

Google Voice Transcription: Fail

I recently operated on a patient in our accredited in-office OR and after she went home, I gave her my cell phone number as I do for all of my patients. But since I moved from Louisiana and still have a Louisiana area code, I gave her my Google Voice phone number.   If you’re […]

High Tech San Francisco, High Tech Patients

San Francisco and it’s inhabitants never cease to amaze me. After every operation I perform on patients in my cosmetic plastic surgery practice, I always call the patient at home the evening after surgery to check on them. I’ve done this for the last 6 years in Louisiana and I’ve never “forgotten” a patient. One […]

Marilyn Monroe – Did she have plastic surgery?!

It’s front page news on the Drudge Report! Or maybe you read it directly from the source on London’s Express daily? We may finally have proof that Marilyn Monroe did indeed have plastic surgery to achieve that “natural” bombshell appearance! While I recognize you weren’t fixated on whether she had surgery or not, apparently proof […]