Physician Burnout: No One Cares…But They Should!

Have you read the articles over the last several months about physician burnout and fatigue? I’ll admit that as someone in the physician fishbowl, I’m on the inside and hear a lot about physician burnout that most of the public may not see. But as you can read here, here, here and here, doctors are […]

Three Reasons to Love Price Transparency

Have you ever heard of RealPatientRatings? It’s a website that allows you to find a doctor in your area and read real patient reviews, not glowing reviews by friends of the doctor or negative reviews by the doctor’s competitor. They also provide advice to patients in regards to what to look for in a doctor […]

Limitations on Plans in the Affordable Care Act

As a quick follow up to my post last Friday regarding the Affordable Care Act being less affordable for the middle class, I want to mention a timely article in the New York Times published today.   In summary, the article suggests that when less expensive/more affordable health care plans are available in the soon-to-be-implemented […]

The Affordable Care Act: They Gave It the Wrong Name!

As the owner of a new plastic surgery practice in San Francisco, I’m taking on some new employees and I want them to have health insurance.¬† I could have purchased a group health plan but the high rates and poor coverage seemed oxymoronic. What I mean is that typically you would assume a plan with […]

Online Booking for Botox!

Do you ever wake up in a cold sweat because you forgot to book your Botox appointment when the office was open?! Well now you can book online! I’m happy to announce that my practice, Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery provides the option of booking online. This is great for several reasons but all you have […]

Complications from Laser Lipo Performed by Non-Plastic Surgeons

I’m pleased to announce that our paper on complications associated with laser lipo when performed by non-plastic surgeons has been released. It’s being published in the October issue of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal. If you’re interested in reading the abstract, you can click here. But if you don’t want to purchase the whole article (I […]

How many cosmetic procedures can be done at once?

I often have patients in the office or at a seminar ask, “how many cosmetic procedures can be done at once?” And the short answer is, “it depends!” The longer answer revolves around a few things. First, are the areas of the body that you want to treat in close proximity? Second, how much time […]

Fat Injections to the Buttocks After Liposuction

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, everyone is looking to be booty-licious. This is actually a medical term. Just kidding. But the public’s interest to inflate or augment their buttocks is very real. I don’t know if it’s a sign of health or wealth the way big hips used to suggest fertility and other seemingly positive traits. […]

Nose Job with a Filler!

If you’ve been in an accident, broken your nose and now have a “scoop” or divot, you may be looking to get a nose job. Until now, any changes to your nose required nose surgery – technically called a rhinoplasty. But with the advent of fillers like Belotero, Juvederm or Restylane, you can get your […]

Massive Weight Loss in San Francisco

Today, I had the pleasure of discussing Body Contouring with a group of patients that have undergone or will undergo surgery to allow for massive weight loss. We met at the James Flood Building on Market Street in San Francisco on a beautiful Saturday morning.     These patients attended because they wanted to know […]