One Vision for the Future of Healthcare

Everyone has their own opinion of the future of healthcare. Whether it’s politically or financially motivated, some believe we’re headed for a bureaucratic morass, while others believe healthcare in America can be fixed with the Affordable Care Act. I have my own opinion and solution to one of the biggest challenges of healthcare – cost. […]

Medical Tourism

In a recent NY Times article, a very brave 60 year old man discusses his decision to go to a foreign country for hip replacement surgery. It sounds like he got a great deal, $13,660, all costs included. The article suggests that the US estimate would have been closer to $78,000 but as I’ve discussed […]

An Idea, a Little Money and the Brothers Mills

A couple of years ago while I was getting a haircut, I had this epiphany. I remember I was watching TV at the barber shop and SportsCenter was on. I even remember that my epiphany had no connection and was not brought on by anything I was watching on SportsCenter.   As a plastic surgeon, […]