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What Concierge Medicine Can Learn from Plastic Surgeons

Ever heard of concierge medicine? For those of you not familiar, this is a medical practice that runs as a cash-only business, accepting no insurance. But in return for the patient’s acceptance of this streamlined, insurance-avoiding business model, your doctor is at your beck and call! That’s where the concierge idea comes in. Your doctor, […]

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty – Open or Closed?

If you’re thinking of nose reshaping surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, having a general understanding and reasonable expectations prior to surgery is important. In general, if you’re unhappy with a bump on the top of the nose, the tip of the nose or the nostril size, you may be a candidate for rhinoplasty.   And […]

Top 5 Responsibilities the Physician and Patient Have to Each Other

If you’ve ever been in a hospital, you may have noticed placards or posters that talk about the hospital’s responsibility to the patient and the patient’s responsibilities while at the hospital. Most of these center around treating the patient with respect and privacy and conversely with the patient treating the hospital and its employees with […]

I’ll Have My Botox Shaken, Not Stirred!

While it may not be clear from the title, everyone has their preference of how they like their favorite things. James Bond likes his martini’s shaken, not stirred. And similarly, or not so similarly, plastic surgeons administer botulinum toxin (BOTOX®, Xeomin® or Dysport®) based on their preference – area vs volume.     Since botulinum […]

Looking for Cosmetic Surgery Prices?

Why is it so hard to get cosmetic surgery prices before going in for a consultation with your board certified plastic surgeon? You worry it’s gonna cost a lot of money so you’d like to know what you’re in for before wasting your time on a consultation. If you were thinking about buying a house […]

Connecticut: The Wild West of Med Spas

Well the verdict is in. The Connecticut legislature passed a bill to increase safety in med spas and Governor Malloy of Connecticut vetoed it.     Per the Boston Globe, “in a veto statement issued Friday, the Democrat said he was concerned the bill required physicians to perform all initial assessments and perform or supervise […]

Necklifts, Exercising and the Rio 60 Second Neck Toner

I recently had a patient ask me a question about the Rio 60 second Neck Toner. If you’re unaware of this product, it is a handheld device that you place against your neck and by using different intensities, it directs low levels of electrical stimulation to the neck muscles. The idea is that it simulates […]

To Bitcoin or Not to Bitcoin!

So what do you know about Bitcoin? Never heard of it? This may or may not be the next technological revolution or the next supremely public disappointment. Bitcoin (code: BTC) is an example of a disruptive innovation – a technology that could potentially replace an existing technology. And the technology I’m referring to is nothing more […]

The Brazilian Butt Lift – To Lift or Inflate?

If you’re interested in buttock enhancement, you’ll notice a familiar name across the internet for the procedure you think you’re looking for – the Brazilian Butt Lift. Similar to how we often refer to laser lipo, it’s not always clear what is involved in laser lipo, or a Brazilian Butt Lift for that matter, and […]

San Francisco is the Center of the Universe

So we just moved here 5 weeks ago and I’m recognizing that local, regional and national news always seems to come back to one truism – San Francisco is the place to be. Sure, sure, I know what you’re thinking – this is classic egocentricity because we just moved here. And while I won’t disagree […]