Bitchy Resting Face!

As if you didn’t have enough stress in your life already about the problems you know about…now you have to start worrying about the things you didn’t even know existed! We previously discussed one of the more recently described body image issues, namely the thigh gap. Well, we are now equally proud to announce the […]

Lifestyle Lift – Exposed!

If you’ve ever heard the saying, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. And so it goes with the Lifestyle Lift. The Lifestyle Lift is a national marketing company that promotes a “revolutionary approach” to restoring your face to it’s younger former self. The company is very vague as to what […]

Mommy Makeover – The New You!

You’ve just delivered your “bundle of joy” and you now have everything you’ve ever wanted – except the body you used to have! Yes, in addition to miraculously transforming your breasts into milk-producing nourishment for your new baby, pregnancy can alter your body in other less miraculous ways. There’s no doubt pregnancy and child-rearing is […]

Glazed Donut Sandwich with Bacon and a Fried Egg

If you’ve been reading my blog over time, you’ll notice that aside from plastic surgery, I touch on topics related to health care in general and the economics of health care. Specifically, I’m interested in how to reduce the costs of medicine through free market forces to drive down costs, i.e., competition and price transparency. […]

Radiesse Filler for the Parentheses Lines and More!

When it comes to plastic surgery, remember that there are surgical and non-surgical treatments. Don’t assume that you can’t afford to go see a plastic surgeon because you think they only offer surgery. Maybe that was true a decade ago but with the advent of injectibles such as BOTOX® and fillers, there’s a lot you […]

Are Calf Implants Any Stranger than Wanting Breast Implants?

I recently had a patient – male, adult, healthy, in a happy marriage. But all was not roses. His self confidence was affected by, of all things, his poorly developed calf muscles. No matter how much he exercised, he could not build up his calves to the same extent that he had built up the […]

Top 5 MOST Expensive Plastic Surgery Procedures

As promised, here’s our next installment of our “Top 5” series. Before reading below about the Top 5 Most Expensive Plastic Surgery Procedures, you can look back in our blog about the Top 5 Least Expensive Procedures by clicking here.     Here are the top 5 most expensive plastic surgery procedures as determined by […]

Celebrity Plastic Surgery – Is it Just Bad Photos?

Bruce Jenner was on Jimmy Fallon’s show the other night and he drove home a point that is often missed by the bystanders of pop culture. And that point is, any celebrity, whether they’ve had plastic surgery or not, can be made to look like they’ve had bad celebrity plastic surgery by finding and posting […]