Doctors Taking ER Call: A Dying Breed

In the future, if you go to an emergency room and you have a problem that requires a specialist – like a brain surgeon, orthopedic surgeon or plastic surgeon – you may have difficulty finding a specialist to see you during your ER visit, even if you have insurance. According to the Medical Group Management […]

Are plastic surgeons doing too many “Medicare” eyelid lifts?

According to an article by Joe Eaton and David Donald on the Center for Public Integrity website, “from 2001 to 2011, eyelid lifts charged to Medicare more than tripled to 136,000 annually.” Physician billing data by the Center for Public Integrity showed that “in 2001, physicians billed taxpayers a total of $20 million for the […]

Why do patients continue to go to the ER for their primary care?

Just recently, Earl K. Long Hospital in Baton Rouge, LA, the “charity hospital” of Baton Rouge for the under and uninsured, closed. In a very coordinated and labor intensive transition orchestrated by Our Lady of the Lake Hospital, the patients have been given more treatment options. The transition was supposed to occur in October but […]

And the move to San Francisco….begins!

Moving is my most hated and most loved activity! For obvious reasons, I can’t stand it. It’s not just moving the big things but you quickly realize how many small things you have to move and it goes on and on, almost never ending. Memorabilia like anniversary cards just can’t be thrown away. But at […]

The Cost of Cosmetic Surgery…but more informative!

So I’m looking at a weekly email that I receive which highlights new articles in the media pertaining to plastic surgery. As a plastic surgeon, it’s natural for me to want to stay up to date on the latest developments. But as the founder of BuildMyBod, a website that provides total price estimates on cosmetic […]

See, not all plastic surgeons are superficial!

With so many stories about butt implants and Plastic Surgery Wives, it’s easy to confuse the shenanigans of “cosmetic surgeons” that aren’t actually trained plastic surgeons and miss out on the less glamorous reconstructive efforts by many board certified plastic surgeons around the country.   Take for example, Shashi Kusuma. Dr. Kusuma was a year […]

The Evolution of Setting Up a Plastic Surgery Practice

I’m getting ready for the big move to San Francisco, to join Dr. Donald Brown, a plastic surgeon in practice for 30 years. So luckily I’m not starting from scratch but there are important tasks to address, such as updating Dr. Brown’s website and social media/online marketing accounts to include my name. The fact that […]

Upcoming Liberace Movie on HBO

For those of you that don’t know, the Liberace (pronounced Lib-a-ra-chee) movie that tells the story of Liberace and his chauffeur/lover Scott Thorson is set to premiere on HBO on May 26th. The movie is based on the book published in 1988, Behind the Candelabra, written by the lover, Scott Thorson. Depending on your age, […]

What Hospital’s Charge vs What They Get Paid: A Health Care Blame Game

A recent article by the Washington Post found here, discusses a new era in price transparency at first glance. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Federal agency that pays hospitals and doctors for services rendered to patients, released the prices that hospitals charge for the 100 most common inpatient procedures. The idea is to […]

Plastic Surgery Financing [Infographic]

A not-so-recent survey (2005) about the “wealth” of consumers undergoing cosmetic procedures such as BOTOX®Cosmetic or cosmetic surgery like breast augmentation, showed that they aren’t in actuality, very wealthy. So how do patients afford plastic surgery – with plastic surgery financing!   The survey above came from a poll of 644 people, performed by the […]