Considering lip injections?

I see patients everyday asking about lip injections. Sometimes they’re almost afraid to ask because of the stigma associated with lip injections. For example, most people assume that lip injections always lead to fish lips. But it’s not always the case. If you find the right plastic surgeon for your lip injections, you can be […]

Have you noticed the cost of rent in San Francisco lately?!

Well, we’ve had an eye opening experience this weekend! In preparation for our move to San Francisco to join the practice of Dr. Donald Brown, my wife and I came to San Francisco, with the support of my mother-in-law, to find a place to live. I kinda always assumed rent was most expensive in New […]

The Housekeepers are the Sign of a Good Hospital!

So I’m moving to San Francisco. I’ve been an employed plastic surgeon of Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge for the last 6 years. And as I start cleaning out my office, I think it’s only natural that I start to reminisce. In a good way. Because it’s not always […]

The impending doctor shortage: do you really need a doctor anymore?!

The fallout and unintended consequences of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) continues. With so many more people being brought into the “insured” category with the expansion of Medicaid across the country, the very real concern is that there will instantly be a doctor shortage. Since it takes at least 7 years to take a college […]

Top 5 LEAST Expensive Plastic Surgery Procedures

In search of another top 5 list?! Well here’s the top 5 least expensive plastic surgery procedures. This is the beginning of a series of blog posts over the next several weeks where we highlight the “top 5” plastic surgery something or other. While many people are receiving their tax refund checks this time of […]

Why New Orleans is the best convention city in the US

I just finished exhibiting at the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s (ASAPS) Aesthetic Meeting. It was a great meeting with lots of traffic to our exhibit booth. One of our biggest draws was our charging station – an idea for whom our Marketing Director gets credit!     This was my first time exhibiting […]

The Health Care World According to the CEO of Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Delos “Toby” Cosgrove, a retired cardiothoracic surgeon, and current CEO of Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, was recently interviewed on Bloomberg News. The interview and subsequent story was entitled, “Health Care Must Be More Efficient, Cosgrove Says”. Before I comment on his interview, I first want to say that the title doesn’t adequately describe […]

How to Improve the Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

If you’re like my wife, you either complain about the dark circles under your eyes or you know someone that complains about the dark circles under their eyes! There are several ways to treat this, some better than others. But before you can treat it, you have to understand why you have the dark circles. […]

Stretch Marks – Beware of Expensive Skin Creams

I’ve done the research for you regarding the treatment of stretch marks. Below you’ll begin to understand the cause of stretch marks, learn the pros and cons of different treatments for stretch marks and why there’s no good solution for your problem.   Most people notice stretch marks with rapid weight gain, pregnancy, even aggressive […]

Price Transparency in Healthcare – The Latest Buzzword!

Unless you’re totally oblivious to all forms of media from TV, print, or internet, you’ve probably heard about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or ObamaCare. One of the main goals of the legislation is to bring down healthcare costs by several means (cutting reimbursements, decreasing the amount insurance companies spend on salaries, etc) but one […]