Asian Blepharoplasty

While many have heard of the term blepharoplasty, or an eyelid lift, this word refers to many types of eyelid procedures.  You can have an upper or lower eyelid lift by removing excess skin or it can refer to the removal of fat from the upper or lower eyelid, often in conjunction with skin removal. […]

BuildMyBod® at the Oscars 2013 – The Plastic Surgery “Watch”

In case you missed BuildMyBod® tweeting during the Oscars, here’s a recap of plastic surgery that we think the actors and actresses have (or haven’t) had.  As in previous BuildMyBod® posts about celebrity plastic surgery, these are only observations that are said in a friendly, not vicious, manner.  All photos included are courtesy of E! […]

ASPS Procedural Statistics 2012 and BuildMyBod Total Plastic Surgery Pricing

As you may have read or seen recently, the American Society of Plastic Surgery released their 2012 procedural statistics. What this means is, the ASPS, the main trade organization for plastic surgeons, compiles the number of procedures performed by its members. And from this information, releases its annual report which shows trends and statistics of […]

Baker Gordon Cosmetic Surgery Symposium

BuildMyBod® just returned from the 47th Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium. For those of you not familiar with it, it is the premiere cosmetic surgery symposium for plastic surgeons. What makes it so incredible? After attending the meeting for 4 out of the last 6 years, I can answer that question! Aside from covering a […]

Lil’ Kim in the Plastic Surgery News

Are you a fan of Lil’ Kim? Have you followed her from her debut album with Junior M.A.F.I.A in 1995, the Notorious K.I.M. in 2000 or her entrance and release from prison in 2006?! She’s had a whirlwind career as a rapper/singer-songwriter and convicted felon but you gotta give her props for making it in […]

Our Plastic Surgeons on BuildMyBod

We are proud to highlight our plastic surgeons currently subscribing to BuildMyBod. These real plastic surgeons represent forward thinking doctors that believe in educating the patient in all aspects of plastic surgery, including price.     How many times have you called a plastic surgeon’s office to ask about ballpark pricing on certain cosmetic procedures, […]

Electronic Medical Records – end all, be all?

Safety, cost, efficiency….all stated reasons why we’re switching to electronic medical records (EMR) in healthcare.  Are these benefits being realized?     Safety and medical errors, always a concern of hospitals and physicians, has come front and center since 1999 when the Institute of Medicine released statistics that 98,000 deaths were due to preventable medical […]

Plastic Wives on TLC – already cancelled?

Did you see it? If you didn’t see the premiere of TLC’s Plastic Wives back on January 27th, you may have missed your chance to see it again.   The show was scheduled to air on Sundays at 10p EST but it no longer appears on the TLC schedule. Maybe it was already cancelled? Regardless, […]

BuildMyBod Promos

For those of you who haven’t checked out BuildMyBod Promos, you’re missing out!  By signing up here for BuildMyBod and BuildMyBod Promos, you can be alerted to any plastic surgery specials for non-surgical cosmetic procedures in your area being provided by real plastic surgeons.   Non-surgical cosmetic procedures include BOTOX® Cosmetic for the creases in […]