BuildMyBod® at the Oscars 2013 – The Plastic Surgery “Watch”

ShareIn case you missed BuildMyBod® tweeting during the Oscars, here’s a recap of plastic surgery that we think the actors and actresses have (or haven’t) had.  As in previous BuildMyBod® posts about celebrity plastic surgery, these are only observations that … Continue reading

ASPS Procedural Statistics 2012 and BuildMyBod Total Plastic Surgery Pricing

ShareAs you may have read or seen recently, the American Society of Plastic Surgery released their 2012 procedural statistics. What this means is, the ASPS, the main trade organization for plastic surgeons, compiles the number of procedures performed by its … Continue reading

Electronic Medical Records – end all, be all?

ShareSafety, cost, efficiency….all stated reasons why we’re switching to electronic medical records (EMR) in healthcare.  Are these benefits being realized?     Safety and medical errors, always a concern of hospitals and physicians, has come front and center since 1999 … Continue reading