BuildMyBod Plastic Surgery Pricing In the News!

With the latest release of the 2013 Plastic Surgery Pricing Report, we’ve received a lot of attention. And with more attention from blogs and the media, consumers will flock to BuildMyBod in growing numbers. And they’ll be looking for BuildMyBod plastic surgeons in their area!   Plastic Surgery Practice, a magazine and website that […]

Real numbers to answer your question: How much does plastic surgery cost?

A recent blog post by Dr. Daniel Kaufman reflects on friends asking for surgery for free. Dr. Kaufman very eloquently points out the different factors that go into plastic surgery cost. Even if he did a procedure for “free” (not charging his professional fee for services provided directly by him), there are still the plastic […]

Look for the words “plastic surgeon” in their ads!

When looking for a doctor to do your cosmetic surgery, it can be confusing. Sometimes you see cosmetic surgeon, sometimes you see plastic surgeon and sometimes you see “board certified” without clarification as to what they’re board certified in. The following advice is the simplest way to decode the advertisements you see…. If they state […]

Annual Plastic Surgery Pricing Report for 2013

Have you ever searched the internet trying to find plastic surgery pricing, only to find cryptic or incomplete pricing information? Have you ever called a plastic surgeon’s office and asked how much a procedure costs and the receptionist said that the doctor doesn’t give estimates over the phone without seeing your first? And then you […]

Men & Women – Their Plastic Surgery Wishlist

Aside from a breast reduction or correction of gynecomastia (excess male breast tissue), there are several interesting differences between what men and women want when it comes to plastic surgery. Their priorities are different, the concerns they have over their appearance varies in scope and focus aided by what is “normal” in society.  Below are […]

The Age Old Question – Silicone vs Saline?! (and some other comparisons)

I’ve read a lot of articles comparing the different types of breast implants and what I’ve noticed time and again, is that in the process of explaining the similarities/differences of saline vs silicone, the “explainer” introduces other variables such as round vs shaped, smooth vs textured. And invariably, the “explainee” (that’s you) becomes even more […]