About BuildMyHealth

BuildMyHealth® helps you find the right Plastic Surgeon, learn about procedures and review costs from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and PC. The application provides a simple and fast opportunity to learn more about plastic surgery from the privacy of your phone or computer. BuildMyHealth® was created by Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Kaplan based this app off one very important idea: if the patient is more knowledgeable about the procedure, including knowledge of the cost before they come in for the consultation, they are less likely to experience "sticker shock" and more likely to go from the exam room to the operating room. If you are a doctor and are interested in learning more please click here.

An exciting addition to the way we educate our patients.

Dr. Graper, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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Get a better understanding of what's involved with a procedure before scheduling a consult.

Jessica Smith, Plastic Surgery News Extra

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