Breast Enlargement/Augmentation with Mastopexy/Breast Lift with Silicone Implants

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Dr. Derek Ford specializes in breast augmentation for women who want larger, shapelier breasts that still maintain a natural appearance. Dr. Ford performs more than 300 breast procedures each year, and the advanced techniques and leading-edge surgical options he offers make his practice one of the region's top destinations for breast enhancement. For most patients, the goal of breast augmentation is to improve both the size and shape of their breasts while maintaining a natural appearance. During the initial consultation, Dr. Ford uses Crisalix 3-D imaging software to allow you to virtually 'try on' different sizes and styles of implants. This program helps both you and Dr. Ford accurately envision your potential results and work together toward the same goal. Breast augmentation is commonly combined with breast lift, a procedure technically called mastopexy or breast lift. Both mastopexy and breast augmentation can perform at the same time for an improvement in both the size and the position of the breasts. This combined approach typically yields a full, perky, youthful-looking result.

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